BOROVEC LEGAL provides comprehensive legal services specialising in labour law, corporate law, damage compensation and personal data protection (GDPR). Our law  office focuses on those areas in which our lawyers have gained significant experience working with both Czech and international Clients, and is thus able to provide quality tailored services.

Compensation for damages

Damages (both material and non-material) occur due to accidents at work, occupational illnesses and other specific circumstances, such as road accidents. In order to protect your claims for financial compensation, legal assistance may be necessary.

Corporate Law

BOROVEC LEGAL provides a full range of corporate legal services including support for all stages of company formation, legal assistance with changes during a company’s operation or major transformations including mergers and acquisitions. Our law firm can also ensure cooperation with tax advisory and assurance services (audits).

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The issue of personal data protection is particularly relevant due to the EU Data Protection Regulation also known as the ‘GDPR’. Obligations related to this regulation are binding for every company operating within the EU.

Labour Law

Labour law is our specialty. We support both long-term cooperation with Human Resources teams as well as one-time legal assistance including legal representation if needed.

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